I surveyed 100 user centred designers. Here’s what they said.

A woman curled up in a chair, looking unhappy. Her thoughts swirl above her in a dark mass of angry faces, broken hearts, question marks and scribbles.
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  • Context
  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • Survey results: some basic breakdowns (lots more charts on Flourish)
  • How to beat imposter syndrome: loads of advice from survey respondents
  • Conclusion


A couple months back, a young member of the UX Glasgow meetup suggested…

I’m leaving the University of Glasgow after 11 years on this beautiful campus.

The University’s main building in warm winter sunlight, seen across Kelvingrove Park
UofG: easy to photograph, hard to leave

Turns out December is a good time to go as everyone’s in the mood to party! I’ve had so much fun over the last couple weeks, catching up with and saying cheerio to my old teams in…

Time=money, so let’s save people’s time

I’m working my notice period at UofG and thinking about how the momentum of the last couple years might be maintained.

So far, through a range of grassroots projects, we’ve raised the University’s UX maturity from stage 0 to stage 2:

There are lots of different versions of the stages of UX maturity but none of them quite fitted UofG, so we made yet another version!

In 2017, the…

I really REALLY looked forward to this conference. I loved last year’s and got loads out of it: ideas, contacts and tons of motivation.

This year’s programme was incredible: with the range and quality on offer, sometimes it was so hard to choose a track that I ended up tossing…

This year, UofG sent more staff than ever before to Edinburgh for UX Scotland, the annual conference for UX, service design and digital communities. We were 7 strong, including staff from Information Services and the World Changing Glasgow Transformation programme — go Team UofG! ❤

Here, 2 of our delegates…

Our task-focused staff homepage has saved the University a ton of time and money.

A year ago, we redesigned the 3rd most visited page in the University of Glasgow website — the MyGlasgow Staff homepage — around its users’ top tasks.

With 8,500 staff clocking up 1.5 million views a year on a page that was largely unchanged since its launch in 2015, this…

We watched 11 people log into Moodle and saw 11 different journeys.

11 users, 11 different user journeys


Moodle is the University of Glasgow’s browser-based virtual learning environment. It’s our hub for course resources, assessment, staff/student communication and staff training. It’s also our largest and most widely used system, with:

  • 11,000 courses
  • 15,000 active users per…

How my UCISA bursary has helped me — and my Uni — to grow

Last summer I got to go to San Francisco for UX Week 2018, thanks to the UCISA bursary scheme. The trip gave me a huge boost of confidence in my potential as a user experience professional…

Explaining user experience design with metaphors from construction

Last week I shared some more UX Week takeaways in a talk at UCISA’s CISG-PCMG18 conference. It was UCISA’s bursary scheme that got me to San Francisco in the first place so it was great to meet the people behind it, along…

Our users are humans, and so are we

Inspired by some of the heartbreaking, challenging and thought-provoking stories I read on World Mental Health Day, here’s a breakdown of one of the themes that emerged from the conferences I attended this summer: UX Scotland, IWMW and UX Week (the latter funded by a UCISA bursary).

These were my…

Kat Husbands

User researcher, content wrangler, co-organiser of UX Glasgow meetup, fishkeeper, AFOL.

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